Small Groups

Making a Big Impact Through the Guidance of God’s Message

At Snellville, we believe Small Groups make a BIG impact!

These groups meet on Sunday afternoons in people’s homes all over Gwinnett and the surrounding counties. Small Groups are a great way to get to know people better and form lasting relationships. You also have the opportunity to apply God's word to your life and serve others in a meaningful way.

What are people saying about Small Groups?

"The relationships are tremendous. Some people that I knew who they were but I didn't really know them and now I feel like I know them a whole lot better." - Bryan Vaughn

"Part of our fear is not knowing, so until you try it you don't know how you're going to be blessed by it." - Erica Evans

"The closer you are to someone the more you can help them, the more they can help you. That's what this is all about." - Larry Snead

"It's just a group of people like all of us that want to get together and want to talk about life." - Harold Savage

"Our Small Group has been a lifesaver for us these past few months. We have met sometimes just to check up on our past week. Zoom has been good to us. Thankful for our brothers and sisters." - Brenda Troup

"I can guarantee they're going to make friends they didn't have before...I think that's one of the best things about Small Group, is the deeper connections that have taken place because of it." - Harold Savage

"I've enjoyed our Small Group. It has helped to keep me in contact with my brothers and sisters and kept me focused on God's word instead of the negative things going on around me." - Small Group member

Snellville Church of Christ

Check out our Small Groups below!

"Day after day, in the temple courts and from HOUSE to HOUSE, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah."

- Acts 5:42

Snellville Church of Christ

Virtual Small Group

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Snellville Church of Christ


Meeting Location: Church Building
Leader: Harold Savage
Contact: [email protected]
Snellville Church of Christ


Meeting Location: Loganville & Monroe area
Leader: Josh Davis
Contact: [email protected]
Tom Wolaver


Meeting Location: Monroe area
Leader: Tom Wolaver
Contact: [email protected]
Sherman Elliott


Meeting Location: Loganville area
Leader: Sherman Elliott
Contact: [email protected]
Snellville Church of Christ


Meeting Location: Grayson area
Leader: Moises Matos
Contact: [email protected]
Snellville Church of Christ


Meeting Location: Lawrenceville area
Leader: Rick McMaster
Contact: [email protected]
Snellville Church of Christ


Meeting Location: Snellville area
Leader: Sam Satterfield
Contact: [email protected]


Small Group study is a great way for us to dig deeper into Sunday morning's message and apply the lesson to our lives. Each group follows the same discussion guide based on the sermon from that morning. The setting is casual and relaxed and gives way to conversations that are open and meaningful.


Small Groups are also a great opportunity for growth. As we study God's Word, we are growing closer in our relationship with Him, and as we discuss and share our own experiences, we are growing in our relationships with one another.


Small Groups are a great way to serve each other. When you are a part of one of these groups, you begin to build relationships and start to understand each other’s needs. As you share these needs, members in the group begin to serve one another.

Have more questions? Contact the Church Office. Email: [email protected] or Call Office:  770-972-6988