Local, National and International Missions

Mission Opportunities

The Missionary Ministry allows church members to introduce and educate areas in need about Salvation and the Life of “Jesus The Christ.” It can involve organizing Bible Studies, Education, Construction and Health Screening to name a few.

Local Missions and Community Events

  • Atlanta Inner City Ministry
  • Homeless Shelter Mission
  • Summer Camp
  • Snellville Middle School
  • Camp Inagehi
  • Caleb's Cause

National Missions

  • Adventures in Missions (AIM)
  • West Seattle - Nathaniel & Roberta Thompson


International Missions

  • Honduras Missions:
    Corquin Honduras - Mike & Kris Bridges
    Mission UpReach – Santa Rosa de Copan
  • Nicaragua International Mission
    Colette Price
  • Ukraine International Mission
    Mike Underwood
  • Nigeria Africa International Mission
    Right Steps - Susana Homes
  • Sunset International Bible Institute– Solar Mission


Mission Leadership

Snellville Church of Christ

Moises Matos


Questions please email - [email protected]