Snellville Church of Christ
Thursday, March 22, 2018
Loving God, Loving People

Our Fall Festival

Fall Festival/Trunk or Treating

A good time was had by all and this would be no cliché.  Thank you would not be enough to all those that were busy bees and helpers this past weekend.  The participation was outstanding from the very young as they started the afternoon enjoying the games and activities that had been prepared for them, to those who had prepared pots and pots of chili and soup and the many delicious desserts. 
Our food was blessed and we managed to eat and graze for an hour on the delicious and vast selections of soups, chilis and desserts.  Then, since we were enjoying ourselves outside, we had our evening services outside where we could continue to enjoy the perfect weather God had prepared for us.  Our young men conducted the services with Alex Meredith, Jonathon Coltraine, and Jimmy Johnson giving excellent talks for us to ponder.  After services, everyone quickly prepared their cars for Trunk or Treating as the children had been very good during service as they awaited their highlight of the evening. 
One could say that we truly were practicing, 1 Thes. 5:11, "Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing. " (NASB)  There was much encouragement as we gathered around the fire pits and our car trunks to end a most successful day, reflecting on how we had practiced our new mission statement, Love God, Love Each Other, and Love the Lost.
The following were our contest winners.  Be sure to congratulate them next time you see them.

Chili: 1st - Moises Matos, 2nd - Wendy Keller, 3rd - Dena Hunter
Soup: 1st - Charles Beasley, 2nd - Sheila Cassity, 3rd - Mike Collins
Dessert: 1st - Holly Johnson, 2nd - Charlotte Herring, 3rd - Rhonda Helms
Pumpkin Carving Contest: 1st - Bert Pineda, 2nd - Kevin Tate Family, 3rd - Rick McMaster Family
Trunk Decorating Contest: 1st - Wendy Keller, 2nd - Bill Hill, 3rd - Denise Tate