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Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Our History
Compiled by Joye Quinn and Sharon Berrong
The Snellville congregation met for the first time on September 2, 1972, at the South Gwinnett High School.   The church continued to meet there until July 1975, at which time we purchased a 1.8 acre site containing three buildings located on Clower Road (now Everson Road) at Highway 124. Two of the buildings were renovated, and combining two rooms in the smaller building made an auditorium that would accommodate 50.
From June 1975 to June 1976, Snellville had Felton Spraggins, an instructor at the Southeastern School of Evangelism as a fill-in preacher.  Then Wade Johnson of the Avondale congregation began to work with the congregation as the first full time preacher.
Early in 1977, the Hixson church of Christ from Chattanooga area offered their support by sending David Lewis to be the evangelist to work with the Snellville congregation. David continued his work in Snellville until July 1981.  At that time Felton Spraggins returned to Snellville to be the full time minister.
In 1978, the present property, located at 3025 Lenora Church Road in Snellville, was purchased.  Construction on a new building began in the fall of 1982.  The members of the congregation did the majority of the work on the building, with the exception of erecting the metal structure, laying the carpet and tile, and part of the electrical and plumbing work.  Open house was held on March 27, 1983, and was a great and wonderful day for the Lord’s work in Snellville.  In its first 10 years the congregation had grown to 147 members. 
Beginning in 1984, David Anguish began his work with the congregation as the education director.  David also taught Bible at Greater Atlanta Christian School.  David helped the congregation in many ways, through inspired song leading in our worship services, to in depth Bible classes that he taught.  In 2000, David left to follow his long time desire to become a full time pulpit minister in Memphis TN.
In 1987 the auditorium was extended in length to add more pews and new classrooms were built to keep up with the growth God was blessing Snellville with.
In February of 1991, the Snellville congregation lost their close friend and long time minister, Felton Spraggins.  Felton died while sitting at his desk, working for God.
During the search for a full time minister to replace Felton, David Anguish filled in to preach during our Sunday morning and evening services until a new minister was hired.  After months of searching, in November of 1991, Harold Savage from the Andrews Avenue Church of Christ in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, became our full time minister. 
The elders decided in 1993 that it was time to hire someone to work with our youth, and Monty Joseph started his work as a part-time Youth Minister in July of that year.  Monty had previously worked as a youth Minister for the Avondale church in Decatur, GA.
By 1994 we needed to expand again.  This time the renovation was major and required us to move out of the building.  We loaded our church pews onto trailers after services one Sunday evening and moved into the empty Winn Dixie building at the intersection of Oak Road and River Drive.  We were there for about 6 months and then were able to move back into our newly renovated auditorium that now seated 500 people. 
Since Monty was only able to work on a part-time basis, in May 1995 the congregation hired Paul Nelson as a full time youth minister.  Paul worked for 5 years with the Snellville youth.
God continued to bless the Snellville church with growth.  In 1998 a two-story structure began being built with 18 large classrooms downstairs  to accommodate our expanding membership. The auditorium seats 850 on the main floor and an additional 150 in the balcony. 
Perry Price volunteered with the youth at the Chestnut Drive congregation for many years before taking a full-time job as the Youth Minister with the Morristown Church of Christ in Morristown, TN.  He was hired as our full time Youth Minister in August 2000.
In 2000 the congregation purchased an adjacent building for the offices of the ministers and staff.
We look forward to more growth, both in physical ways and spiritual ways, as God sees fit.
The Snellville congregation has had many hard working, good men to serve as elders and we have been blessed to have these men serve and lead us over the years.  We thank these men for their service and dedication to the congregation.  The elders at Snellville have included:
Richard Allen
Neil Wagley
Fred Glass
B.T. Erwin
Dave Helms
Mike Anderson
Preston Hodges
Henry Dawson
Donnie Zahler
Bob Tuten
Roger Holloway
Phil McCanless
Frank Quinn
Scott Blair
Ed Brooks
Eddie Warlick
Ted van den Meiracker
Monty Joseph

Our Previous Ministers 
Wade Johnson
David Lewis
Felton Spraggins
Our first church building at Clower Road and Hwy 124 
This is the second building at Clower Road and Hwy 124 
1982 ground breaking at Lenora Church Road
(back row on the right are elders Fred Glass, Neil Wagley and minister Felton Spraggins)
Our first building at Lenora Church Road
Our first expansion was adding on to the rear of the building
We moved to the old Winn Dixie building on Oak Road
during our next expansion
This second building renovation seated 500 people
Work has started on our 3rd building project
Our current building under construction