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Monday, April 23, 2018
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About Misión Para Cristo

Misión Para Cristo (Mission for Christ) is an international development mission in the Jinotega (Northern) region of Nicaragua focusing on the spiritual and physical needs of the people. The mission was started by Benny and Donna Baker in 1997 and continues to be directed by them. For the last 17 years the mission has been serving the people of Nicaragua by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through opportunities of service. The mission accomplishes this goal by helping the church meet three basic needs: Body, Mind and Soul. 
The work began in October 1997 with 1 evangelist and 12 members in the church. They opened a medical clinic in Jinotega as a community outreach of the church. Initially Benny and Donna traveled to Nicaragua several times a year while continuing to work in local ministry in Arkansas and Louisiana. In 2005 they made the commitment to move to Jinotega to afford them the opportunity to work more closely with the mission. God has blessed this work richly. Today the mission works with 24 congregations, 15 full-time Nicaraguan preachers and 4 part-time preachers.

About Colette

Colette Price is a member of the Snellville church. She has a deep passion for children knowing they are loved by Jesus. Through connections from high school, Colette met Benny Baker, the director of Misión Para Cristo. She fell in love with the people of Nicaragua and the efforts of the mission.  God has given her an opportunity to serve as an intern for Benny for a year beginning in January 2014. The Misión has a few different programs that focus on the children in Nicaragua schools, preschools, children’s ministry and One Child Matters (a sponsor-a-child program).  Colette is working alongside the Nicaraguans to serve the children and communities around Jinotega.  
Colette's Monthly Newsletter: Colette's Gazette

Want To Learn More?

One Child Matters:
Pablo is 4 years old and goes to one of the mission schools.  He spent over an hour reading
with mobile library then was running around playing with the class during recess.
The One Child Matters development centers have opened. 
Pictured is one of the mentors, Maria, with her class.
Lilly is my roommate and becoming one of my bestest friends.  She and I decided to move
to Nicaragua within 3 weeks of each other.  We often have different projects during the
day, but it is comforting to come home to a friend who understands at night.