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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Education Ministry


“Planting the Seed”

The mission of adult education at Snellville is to “plant the seed,”
facilitating the spiritual maturation of each Christian in the Snellville
body, preparing them to weather the storms of life, and equipping
them to bear fruit over a lifetime of service and Christian practice.
Worship Schedule
Bible Class  9:00 AM
Worship 10:00 AM
Bible Class 7:00 PM.
  • Belief in the Bible as the inspired word of God

  • Commitment to faith development as a life long journey

  • View the role of teacher as vital, calling for a godly life, thorough preparation and passion for communicating God’s word

  • Provide facilities and resources that enhance the learning process

  • Create an inclusive atmosphere that builds community

We welcome you to our adult education ministry. Each quarter you will have an opportunity to review a list of offered classes, teachers and topics.  The following floor plan is included for your convenience and ease in locating each classroom.
Adult Classes
Children's Classes
 Birth - 10 mos. — Nursery   Age 4 — Room 107  Museum — Room 115
 Toddlers — Room 101  K-5 — Room 108  Game Room — Room 116
 Age 2  — Room 105  Art Room — Room 113  Media Room — Room 117
 Age 3  — Room 106  Bakery — Room 114  Drama Room — Room 118
Classes for 7-12 Graders will be in the Old Fellowship Hall (Teen Area)